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About the portal

Every year, man increasing number of foreigners come to work in Poland. They want to live in a safe, comfortable way and earn money here.

Employees from abroad are a great support for the Polish economy and thanks to them, there is economic growth. New jobs are created or vacancies are filled. The increase in the number of foreign employment in our companies unfortunately does not go hand in hand with the availability of knowledge necessary for these employees. We have observed, monitored and analyzed this aspect since 2016. We have talked with people who came to Poland to work or study from different parts of the world, but mainly from our eastern borders. Everyone reminded us of the difficulties in obtaining basic but comprehensive knowledge about the arrival, work, study and functioning in Poland.

That is why we have created a unique portal for foreigners -  e-Parasolka.pl - which aims to consolidate and disseminate useful knowledge for migrants. Parasolka is a symbol of protection against difficult situations. We want our e-Parasolka.pl to be a source of comprehensive knowledge for immigrants in Poland, a unique map of road signs that will protect against mistakes, unpleasantness or fraud. It will help you to live and work safely here.

E-Parasolka.pl is a source of - the most important information on the necessary permits for legal stay and work, forms of employment or knowledge, where to look for help in different circumstances and at different stages of migration. We also regularly update important information on our website, including how much does it cost to rent an apartment or travel in different cities of our country, and also provide contacts to organizations that support migrants and verified law and accounting firms. Users will learn from us, among others how to bring a family legally to Poland, find the most necessary data on kindergartens or schools for their children, how to set up a company in Poland and many other useful knowledge. In addition, we collect and provide valuable, practical tips from people who have experienced difficulties in Poland and coped with them. 

If you are in Poland or intend to come here, if you need support or necessary information, register on the e-Parasolka.pl portal and enjoy its benefits. We invite you to purchase the Package that suits your needs and we wish you all the success in Poland! Detailed information about the contents of Packages you can find HERE.

The e-Parasolka.pl team